How Pegasus Spyware Hack WhatsApp?

The recent Pegasus attack has triggered the controversy of online safety. Clicking on a link can make your device infected. Hackers can remotely install surveillance software on phones and other gadgets and devices by making use of a major vulnerability in the messaging application. Targeted users received voice calls or video from an unknown number that even if ignored, enabled the spyware, known as Pegasus, to get installed on the gadget or the device. This means the attacker can have remote access to everything on the phone, including location and text messages. Even though WhatsApp has not disclosed the number of Indians targeted in this spyware attack, it is believed that the number of victims might be high. according to the WhatsApp Spokesperson Carl Woog, “While I cannot reveal their identities and the exact number, I can say that it is not an insignificant number,”. The plan of India to mandate the tracking, monitoring and interception of messages on social media has alarmed and alerted privacy and users activists and the companies that run the platform. Experts in India are looking at the potential impact of such a move.

According to the Information Technology Ministry of India, by January 2020, it would publish new rules for intermediaries, platforms that allow users to share, or send messages. It is a sweeping term that also includes E-commerce and several other types of websites and applications. If you think that it is easy to identify the presence of a Pegasus spyware attack on your phone, think again. If your device gets infected with spyware like Pegasus, it will not start ripping through battery life or overheating. If that would have been the case then the people whose phone got infected did have done their jobs right. Well, if you are not a cybersecurity expert, it is almost impossible to even know what happened to your device.

It is very tricky and difficult to identify the presence of the Spyware because the software is designed to be hard to find. What we did in the first place was captured the network traffic going into the device after clicking the link, and spread the infection. Unless you are monitoring the network traffic going into the device, and savvy enough to understand what type of network traffic can demonstrate malicious behavior. It is very unlikely you would know that spyware like Pegasus has attacked your device.

Protecting your device is something you should try to do. The first and foremost thing you have to do is update your device for sealing the security hole. Many people do not update their devices, and this can often trigger the problem. WhatsApp has been successful in blocking the infection attempt by taking proper measures. The world is evolving. The importance of encrypted messaging is second to none. just because of one security flaw, people should not give up using a platform like WhatsApp. Instead of finding unknown links tempting to click, it is strongly suggested not to do so. Such links can be the source of virus or spyware attack. By taking some measures and updating your Android and iPhone device timely, you can safeguard your device from any such attack. Pegasus Spyware hack on a social networking platform like WhatsApp has stirred controversy. However, following the expert advice can keep you at bay from such hacks.

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