How Pegasus Spyware Works?

People need to know and understand that a Pegasus attack begins with a simple phishing scheme. The attacker looks for and identifies a potential target and sends them a website URL through email, text message, social media or any other form of a message.

If the targeted user has an iOS device, the moment a user clicks on the link, the malware covertly carries out a trio of zero-day exploits against the device of the victim, jailbreaking it remotely so that the Pegasus spyware can be installed. There is an indication that the device has been attacked – the browser closes once the user clicks the link. There is no other sign or warning that something has occurred to the device or that any new processes are running. As soon as Pegasus spyware is installed on the device, it starts contacting the command and control servers of the operator for receiving and executing the command of the operator.

The spyware comprises of malicious apps, processed and codes that continuously spy on what the user is doing on the device gathers all data and reports back the activities of the user. It can easily access and exfiltrate messages, cells, logs, and emails from several installed applications such as Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Facetime, Tango, and Viper. As soon as the spyware jailbreaks the device of the user, it compromises the original application installed on it for capturing data instead of downloading malicious versions of these applications.

When it comes to Android devices, Pegasus does not need zero-day vulnerabilities to root the targeted device or gadget and install the malware. Somewhat, the spyware makes use of a highly popular and commonly used rooting method known as Framaroot.

With Pegasus Spyware for iOS devices, in case the zero-day execution of attack fails to jailbreak the device, the complete attack sequence would fail. However, the hackers who created this malware built functionality into the Android version that enables it to still seek permission so that the Pegasus spyware can have access and exfiltrate data if the first attempt to root the targeted device is going unsuccessful.

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