Origin of Pegasus Spyware


Israel based NSO Group has said that it sells surveillance-based software products to governments so that they can fight serious crime and terrorism. Its spyware, which also includes Pegasus, has been licensed and issued to dozens of nations, including the UAE, Bahrain, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

Governments in different parts of the world have used this spyware for targeting activists, including employee of the Amnesty International; at least twenty-four human right defenders, parliamentarians and journalists in Mexico; Saudi Activists; Mansoor – as per the lawsuit filed by Amnesty International and other groups seeking demand to the Israeli Ministry of Defence to revoke the export license of NSO Group.

You might be safe, but….

As soon as the news of the iOS version of Pegasus spyware hit the market, Apple reacted immediately. The company released an iOS security update, 9.3.5, that covered all three of the above-mentioned vulnerabilities.

Google, the company that helped In the investigation of the Android version, also took another path and warned potential Pegasus targets directly. So, if you have updated your iOS devices to the latest version of the software and have not received a warning message from Google, you are perhaps not under scrutiny by Pegasus and safe.

However, saying that does not mean there are no other spyware around both Android and iOS devices. The threat of spyware attack is always there and you need to take proper measures to avert it. and, the existence of Pegasus proved that iOS spyware goes beyond poorly coded ransom-demanding websites and adware that are easy to block. Well, there are some serious threats to deal with. Here we bring to you three steps to stay safe from such possible malware attacks:

  • Make sure you update your device or gadget on time and pay attention to all security updates. Do this without fail.
  • Instead of installing any random security solution, install a good security solution on your gadget. Although there no such solutions for iOS, we can hope that Pegasus would make Apple rethink and reconsider its policy.
  • Do not fall for phishing. Beware of targeted phishing as it happened in the case of Ahmed Mansoor. In case you get a link from an unknown resource, do not be in a hurry to click on it. Think before you click. We will say do not click at all.
  • Following these simple steps would help you keep your device safe.

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